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At its core, Microsoft Teams is a software platform that provides organizations with a single platform enabling them to share information and work together in a more productive manner.

MS Teams is ideal for businesses that already leverage Office 365, as it integrates seamlessly with the entire Microsoft suite of apps, including everything from Skype to Microsoft Office. Conversely, one of the most unique assets of Microsoft Teams is that it also offers extensions, allowing users to integrate software and products that are non-Microsoft.

EPC group has successfully integrated and migrated hundreds of companies to microsoft Teams and worked closely with them on user adoption and training to ensure that their internal team members are empowered and confident moving forward. Changing the way people do their work is not a question of quickly switching from one technology to another, it’s more about changing the behavior of people. For many, their behavior and work habits have been ingrained over decades and it takes attention to detail and communication when coaching and training new users on Teams. EPC Group specializes in this and can work closely with your organization to guarantee successful user adoption.

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Do I need Microsoft Teams Consulting?

Microsoft Teams is much more than just another group chat application. MS Teams empowers user groups and enables organizations to securely collaborate and communicate. Built on the secure and compliant Microsoft 365 cloud, Teams gives all employees a familiar way to communicate in real-time and improve operational efficiencies. Teams has features such as advanced messaging and alerts for urgent messages, automatic follow-ups, and read receipts. The flexibility of communication is an important focus and the ability to variably message other users one-to-one or one-to-a-group, as well as deliver broadcast level messaging organization-wide are also valued capabilities for many organizations.

Our Approach on Microsoft Teams Voice System for Office 365

Microsoft Teams is now officially the fastest growing application in the history of Microsoft. MS Teams is included in all Office 365 Enterprise plans and most Office 365 Business plans. Organizations using Office 365 can now upgrade Teams to a complete cloud-based business phone system.

With more than 22 years of experience developing Microsoft-based PBX systems and having deployed hundreds of PBX systems, we’ve developed a comprehensive methodology ensuring that our clients experience a smooth transition to the Teams Phone System.


Teams Phone System enables you to replace your existing PBX system with a set of integrated business phone system features tightly integrated with Office 365 and delivered from the Microsoft cloud.

Organizations can easily move to Teams Phone System by adding the appropriate Office 365 licenses, many of which are already included in Office 365 Enterprise plans.


Voice for Teams Solutions and Services


Intelligent Direct Routing

Cost Effective SIP Trunks (Teams Direct Routing) with built in intelligent, advanced call routing

Teams Deployment Services

End-to-end deployment, customization, training, and support service for Teams Phone System

Enterprise Routing & Queuing

Intelligent routing engine providing data directed call routing based on user definable parameters

Omni-Channel Contract Center

Integrated omni-channel contact center including voice, chat, SMS, email, fax & social media


• Streamlined, Enterprise-wide call Routing
• Integrated with Office 365 and Teams
• One single partner for solutions, support and service
• Enhanced workgroup and contact center applications
• Robust solution that replaces on-premises PBX systems

10 Popular Microsoft Teams Integrations


As one of the largest social media platforms around, Twitter is familiar to almost everyone. However, did you know it’s a great way to gather customer feedback? By integrating Twitter into Teams, you can set up alerts relevant to your business. So, when a customer tweets at your handle or uses your hashtag, it flows directly into Teams, where you can share or respond without stopping your workflow.

Twitter has become a complaint communication hub. If you’re not on it, you can’t control the conversations about your organization. Microsoft Teams can give you regularly scheduled updates or immediate updates to help your organization stay connected to clients and prospects.

Microsoft Flow

Get notifications for approval processes and different types of valuable integrations. Microsoft Flow is one of the most complex yet powerful workflow apps on the market. Pairing Microsoft Flow with Microsoft Teams can mean the automated passing of tickets, notifications when documents are updated. The options are practically endless.

Leave the complex flows to the experts. Stick to the templates for a while. Flows can be literally do parts of your job for you but you can easily get yourself lost and frustrated feeling like you are going down a rabbits hole.

Power BI

Did you know you can now interact with Power BI in Microsoft Teams? This is yet another feature that Microsoft 365 brings together to help make you and your users even more productive.

Power BI and Microsoft Teams are both powerful tools separately, but together they can help you create impressive results. Both you and your team can interact with your data in a visual format with Power BI right from your MS team’s site. This allows for increased collaboration and greater access to embedded reports, creating more time to focus on your team’s priorities rather than searching for files or reports.

Power BI in Teams is a great way to share dashboards, reports, datasets, etc. Not only will you see a visual of your latest progress, but also different data views related to your project. This leads to better reporting and overall improved user group experience. How will you leverage Power BI in Microsoft teams?


With the combined power of Microsoft Teams and PowerApps, you can now add a PowerApps app to a channel within your MS Teams application.

PowerApps is a suite of apps, services, connectors and data platforms that provide a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your needs. With PowerApps, you can quickly build custom business apps that connect to your business data stored in the underlying data platform Common Data Service (CDS) or in various online and on-premises data sources like:

• SharePoint

• Excel

• Office 365

• Dynamics 365

• SQL Server

• And more…

Applications built using PowerApps provide rich business logic and workflow capabilities that transform your manual business processes into digital, automated processes. Also, applications built using PowerApps have a responsive design and run seamlessly in your browser or on mobile devices. PowerApps democratizes the custom business app building experience by enabling users to build feature-rich, custom business applications without writing code.


Open, create, and edit Office 365 files stored in Dropbox from your Teams account. The changes you make to your Dropbox files in Microsoft Teams will automatically sync to your Dropbox account. These changes sync to your connected devices when you have the Dropbox application running.

Any Dropbox user can add Dropbox as their cloud storage in their Microsoft Teams account. When you add Dropbox as cloud storage you will be able to:

• Collaborate with Dropbox shared folder members in Teams

• Open, create, and edit Office 365 files in your Dropbox folder using Microsoft Teams

• Map Dropbox folders to Microsoft Teams Channels

Leading companies who use Microsoft Office 365 often require additional mobile productivity and collaboration capabilities. Using the Dropbox Business integration, users and teams can seamlessly access content and collaborate across desktop, web, and mobile.

Service Now

ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. The cloud-based Now Platform transforms old, manual ways of transforming into modern digital workflows. This enables employees and customers to get what they need when they need it.

Microsoft Teams integration provides actions which post messages and ServiceNow incident, problem, and change record details to Microsoft Teams channels. The Microsoft Teams integration is available through IntegrationHub. You will also have the ability to specify the following Microsoft Teams actions within a flow:

Post a Message
Send a message to a Microsoft Teams channel using a Webhook Connector.
Specify the Webhook URL, Title, and Message to send.
Post Change Details
Send details about a ServiceNow change record to a Microsoft Teams channel using
A Webhook Connector. Specify the Webhook URL and Change record to send.
Post Incident Details
Send details about a ServiceNow incident record to a Microsoft Teams channel using
a Webhook Connector. Specify the Webhook URL and Incident record to send.
Post Problem Details
Send details about a ServiceNow problem record to a Microsoft Teams channel using a Webhook Connector. Specify the Webhook URL and Problem record to send.

Google Drive

Google Drive has joined Microsoft Teams and It’s easy to connect and requires absolutely zero coding experience. Now workplaces that use one of these options are able to add Google Drive cloud storage folders easily to Teams where users with permissions can view, edit, and save their information in one convenient location to increase communication but still enjoy access to your files stored on Google Drive.

Zoom ai lives inside your chat, email inbox, and calendar to help you offload and automate your tasks. You interact with it by typing commands in a chat window, where it can schedule MS Teams meetings for you, brief you on your day, send and receive reminders and create documents when they are needed.

Microsoft builds the platforms upon which others build digital solutions. is an automated assistant built on chat platforms, such as Microsoft Teams. Many Office 365 customers have adopted Microsoft Teams as their central collaboration application and fits nicely into that framework. This framework enables team members to feel empowered and be more productive.


Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one hub for effective team collaboration. Teams users can add the Zoho projects tab to their chat channels and start working on projects directly from the Teams workspace.

In business, there can be instances when you want the team members to refer to the dashboards that you have created in your CRM. In such cases, sharing each dashboard with individual members or collating them into a presentation can be an exhausting task.

You can easily achieve this by integrating your CRM account with Microsoft Teams. It will allow the team members to view the CRM dashboards right from their Teams account.

Also, if needed you can even add the CRM records as cards in your conversation with teammates.


Polly is a survey app that lets you create surveys in Teams. You can quickly create polls in your Teams channels and view your results in real-time. Setting up polls is incredibly easy – with polls running in tandem with your conversations, your workflow is no longer interrupted. You have the option to create multiple choice polls, freeform polls, or a mixture of both. If you turn on comments you will then have a full discussion board. Get the answers you need without disrupting workflows or clogging inboxes.

You can also get up-to-date insights into your conversation’s polls with live responses to surveys and voting stats, all within Microsoft Teams.

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